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The insight of "Heavenly Creatures" is that sometimes people are capable of committing acts together that they could not commit by themselves. A mob can be as small as two persons. Reading in the paper recently about a crowd of teenage boys who beat an innocent youth to death, I was reminded of this film.

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Heavenly Creatures   (Criaturas Celestiales)Parker–Hulme murder case – Wikipedia – The murder has inspired plays, novels, non-fiction books, and films including Peter Jackson’s 1994 film Heavenly Creatures. Background. Pauline Yvonne Parker (aka Pauline Rieper) was born on 26 May 1938. She met Juliet Hulme, who was born in London, when they.

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Thrilling and provacative, Heavenly Creatures is the highly acclaimed, true-life story of the shocking crime that stunned a nation! When circumstances bring together two bright and higly imaginative teenage schoolgirls-they quickly form an unwavering bond-creating a fantasy world that only they can share.

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Background | Heavenly Creatures | Film | NZ On Screen – Peter Jackson’s fourth feature is acknowledged as a radical departure for the director best known — and beloved — for his entertaining tales of splatter and satire (Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles and Braindead). Heavenly Creatures stepped up to the level of serious drama, and proved Jackson was a versatile director who could switch from bad taste to the arthouse with aplomb.

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Heavenly Creatures – The movie that won splatter king Peter Jackson mainstream respectability was born from writer Fran Walsh’s long interest in the Parker-Hulme case: two 1950s teens who invented imaginary worlds, wrote under imaginary personas, and murdered Pauline Parker’s mother. Jackson and Walsh’s vision of friendship, creativity and tragedy was greeted with Oscar.